Beth Anne Moonstone, MA.ED, CPM
Midwife & Midwifery Educator

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My midwifery practice is based on the knowledge that birth is a sacred and natural process. Women already have the wisdom within them to give birth. Women can become empowered through birth. It is my belief that women give birth with their hearts and bodies NOT with their head. I strongly encourage and assist women to educate themselves about birth options and make choices based on their knowledge and intuition.

People who choose homebirth see pregnancy as a normal healthy process. Some reasons couples may choose homebirth include: quality care, increased safety for mother and baby, the lack of separation from the baby and the family, increased relaxation in the comfort of your own home, and continuity of care. Homebirth Midwifery care includes complete prenatal care, labwork, nutritional counseling, homebirth care, postpartum care, newborn exams, and recommendation and assistance in using alternative therapies such as Reiki, massage, yoga, Aqua Natal, nutrition, meditation, hydrotherapy, exercise, herbs and Well Woman Care to achieve and maintain a health pregnancy.

Giving birth in the calm, loving atmosphere of your own home has many advantages. Women work with their body, relaxing and allowing labor to progress at it's own pace. The laboring women is in familiar surroundings and has the ability to move around freely, take showers or baths, and to take walks. She maintains support from her partner and loved ones as well as continued care from her midwife.

General requirements for a homebirth are physical and emotional health, good prenatal care (self-care) and a normally progressing pregnancy.We provide full prenatal care including any lab work, labor delivery, immediate postpartum care and short term care until such time as a pediatrician or family physician takes over the medical care for the infant.

Statistics indicate that for the low-risk woman and her child, the morbidity and mortality rates are lower in a planned homebirth with a midwife than for matched populations of birthing women in the hospital.

Prenatal Care
I believe prenatal care should focus on the whole journey of pregnancy. In our culture we often spend all our time looking for the end result. I provide complete prenatal care services for the optimum well being and care of both mother and baby throughout your entire journey through pregnancy and birth. During your pregnancy we will meet every 4 weeks for prenatal care. After week 28 we will meet every 2 weeks and after week 36 every week. We will do a home visit early on in your care then again at week 36.

Studies indicate that homebirth midwives provide the safest and best maternity care for healthy pregnant women, while spending on the average of 20 times more hours with clients than do obstetricians. During your prenatal care we will share information about the benefits of good nutrition, exercise and rest. We will discuss choices such as circumcision, the administration of eye prophylaxis, Vitamin K, and vaccinations. Our time spent together helps us develop a strong personal relationship.
Parents are also expected to take an active role in their care and well being through nutrition, exercise, attendance at prenatal visits and healthy lifestyle. Homebirth clients are required not smoke, use recreational drugs, and agree to breastfeed for a minimum of 6 weeks (We recommend at least 1 year.) 
A common concern regarding homebirth is what if something happens. I am trained in the detection of complications. My goal is to monitor the health of mother and baby and remain alert for any possible complications. Midwives are guardians of normal birth.

Some insurance companies do cover homebirth. I am are happy to work with you in dealing with your insurance company. Payment plans and some low income services are available. Please see the link at the top for our service area and payment FAQ.

Consultation visits are always free. These generally last 45-60 minutes. Consultation visits are an excellent way to get your questions answered and to get to meet one another.

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