Beth Anne Moonstone, MA.ED, CPM
Midwife & Midwifery Educator

Homebirth After Cesarean Birth - Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

"The Public Citizen Health Research Group in Washington, D.C. has estimated that half of the nearly 1 million cesareans performed every year are medically unnecessary. With more appropriate care during pregnancy, labor, and delivery, half of the cesareans could have been avoided. Clearly, there are times when cesareans are necessary. However, cesareans increase the risk to both mothers and babies." (ICAN)

VBAC is a Vaginal Birth After a Cesarean. HBAC is a Home Birth After a Cesarean. Successful VBAC has a major advantage at home because it is treated as any other healthy normal low risk birth. The risk of cesarean is higher in the hospital because VBAC in the hospital is seen as and managed as a high risk situation. The risk of uterine rupture is small. Uterine rupture is rare (.4%) and this risk does not appear to be greater for women with a previous uterine incision than for women who have a normal uterus.

The relative risks of VBAC:

The relative benefits of VBAC: