Beth Anne Moonstone, MA.ED, CPM
Midwife & Midwifery Educator


I have given birth four times, each birth different and amazing.

The first time I was almost 19. I was induced at the hospital. A midwife was my care provider. He was born easily with a few pushes. He weighed less then 7 pounds.

The second time I was in my twenties. I went into labor naturally but didn't progress well. After a very long labor, part of it with a pitocen drip, I birthed a 10 pound 9.5 ounce baby. The doctor thought she might have broken his collar bone on the way out.

The third time I was in my early thirties. I really had to work with this one, he simply didn't want to come out! He was born at home, wrapped up in his cord, in the wee hours of the morning. He was 9 pounds.

My fourth and last baby was also born at home. I labored most of the day and he was born at dinnertime, all 11 pounds of him!

My third and fourth babies were both born at home with both Beth Anne and Zulia. It's pretty clear to me that I would never have gotten the same type of care in any other setting or from any other providers. Beth and Zulia are both kind caring people focused on helping you to have the best birth yo
u can. Each of these women are amazing in their own right and together they are a truly incredible team. They work together in a way that is almost magical, things just get taken care as needed, while at the same time maintaining a considerable focus on the laboring mother without making her feel as if she's under a microscope. They are so skilled at looking for subtle cues that it is almost as if they anticipate your needs.

I love Beth's ability to answer any question and simplify as needed for my non-scientist brain. I love her vast wealth of knowledge. I trust her ability to asses any situation and explain the best options. 

Zulia has a quiet presence that is full of strength. She will hold you up and help you find the energy to keep going. She is well versed in a variety of techniques and positions to help soothe and comfort. I'm sure my labors would have been much harder and less comfortable without her!